Prose (Non-Fiction)

I wrote this, on the theme of ‘ecopoetry’, for the launch of the Ginkgo Prize

I wrote this, about the composition of Natural Phenomena, for the Penned in the Margins blog.

In Preparation

London Feral: hybrid book of essays and poems on sound, place and environment.

Conference Papers

‘Cutting Tongues’ at the National Association of Writers in Education (UK) Conference, November 2018.

‘“Thinking through making”: a feral praxis’ at Poetic Thinking panel, Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association, 6th – 9th July 2017, Universiteit Utrecht.

‘Against cohering, or: why the garden bluebell is a poor analogy for the literary-critical text’ at Hybrid Writing: Literary Criticism, Critical Literature, 17 December 2016, University of East Anglia.

‘Towards a feral poetics’ at Writing Between the Lines: Exploring Creative Writing as a Research Methodology, 3 September 2016, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

‘The lyric and “I”: some contemporary negotiations’ at CHASE Creative and Critical Writing Conference, 10 November 2012, UEA London.

Journal Papers

‘A feral praxis’ in New Writing: The International Journal for the Theory and Practice of Creative Writing 

‘“You Canna Change the Laws of Fiction, Jim!”: A Personal Account of Reading Science Fiction’ in Changing English, 6:1 (1999).


Review of G. Collins, The Other Half of History (Heaventree Press, 2007) and F.M. Chipasula, Bending the Bow (Southern Illinois University Press, 2009) in Modern Poetry in Translation, 13 (2010).

Review of Corbett, Sarah (2008) Other Beasts, Bridgend: Seren in Eyewear (2009)

Review of J. Amato, Industrial Poetics (University of Iowa Press, 2006), R. Padel, The Poem and the Journey (Chatto and Windus, 2007) and M. Schmidt, The Story of Poetry: Volume 3 (Wiedenfeld and Nicolson, 2007) in Poetry Review, 97:2 (Summer 2007).

Review of V. Feaver, The Book of Blood (Cape, 2006), J. Harrison, The Names of Things (Waywiser Press, 2006) and L. Murray, The Biplane Houses (Carcanet, 2006) in Poetry London, 56 (Spring 2007).


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