Prose (fiction)

The fiction has taken a back seat for the moment, while I work on two poetry / hybrid ‘projects’.  But

encouraged by the fact that ‘Inhaler’ (short story) was shortlisted for the 2014 Bridport Prize

I’ll just blow a kiss here to my fiction drafting, patiently waiting for me to return:

I’ve just put back on the shelf for later: Hark, a Young Adult novel, set on an alt-Earth where people and technology are scarce, and a girl with super-hearing must escape enslavement to save the very community she rejected.

I got to final draft stage, got some very encouraging help and comments from Cornerstones, who considered it for sending to agents, then sent it to a few I’d made contact with.  None of the eight were interested, so I’m taking a breather, reviewing, before sending it out again at some later stage.

Also waiting to be worked-on some more:

Dolphin; a gender-fluid tale of love and space.

Inhaler; Lit Fic, multiple-voiced, exploring the aftermath of a young woman’s death against the background of societal and environmental upheaval in a Britain of the possible future.


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