Select Publications:


Natural Phenomena, Penned in the Margins Press, 2018.

The Bridle (pamphlet), Salt Publishing, 2011.

Relinquish (pamphlet), Arrowhead Press, 2007.

Poems in Individual Magazines

4 poems in Poetry London (Summer 2018).

3 poems in The White Review, 21 (Spring 2018).

‘3rd Person Beautiful’ in Poetry Wales, 53 (1) (Summer 2017).

‘5 Delays’ in Under the Radar, 19 (Summer 2017).

‘On’ in Lighthouse, 12 (Spring 2016).

‘Although’ in Poetry Wales, 51 (3) (Spring 2016).

‘The Emerald City’ in The Rialto, 83 (Summer 2015).

‘A Story About A Story’ in The Long Poem Magazine, 6 (August 2011).

‘The Charcoal Bridle’ (feature and drafts) in The Rialto, 68 (Spring 2010).

‘Les Ecorchés’ in Poetry Review, 99:3 (Autumn 2009).

‘The Observations’ in New Welsh Review, 85 (Autumn 2009).

‘Lilies at the Cumberland Pencil Factory Museum’ in Poetry Wales, 39:4 (Spring 2004).

‘Listening to Allegri’s Miserere’ in Poetry London, 46 (Autumn 2003).

Selections in Anthologies

1 poem in the Forward Book of Poetry 2019

‘Walks’ in Ware Poets Open Poetry Competition Anthology, 2015 (Commended).

5 poems in Dooley, M. and Morrison, B. (eds), 2011, Goldfish 3, London: Goldsmiths College.

6 poems in Pollard, C. (ed), 2005, Reactions 5, Norwich: Pen & Inc Press.

3 poems in Khalvati, M. and Fawcett, G., 2003, Entering the Tapestry, London: Enitharmon

As Editor

Forthcoming: Meryl Pugh, Mike Harris and Sarah Wardle (eds), 2018, Morley Poets: A First Anthology, London: Morley College.



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