About Me

I write poems and fiction, and make occasional sound pieces for fun.  The other thing I do with my life is teach!  I love it.  I taught secondary school English and Drama in my twenties and thirties, and then spent some time as a freelance educator in museums.  Now I teach creative writing and poetry at Morley College, but I’ve also taught creative writing (fiction and poetry) on the B.A. modules for the University of East Anglia – and given creative writing workshops in schools, prisons and museums, as well as for the Arvon Foundation’s Under 18s Week at the Ted Hughes Arvon Centre, Lumb Bank.

I have a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from UEA; my thesis considered the relationship between environment, interiority and contemporary poetics.  I’m particularly interested in sound and hearing and the sub/urban experience of environment.  One of the concepts I’m developing at the moment is that of the ‘feral’ as a figure for poetic thinking.


Throughout March 2017, I gave a series of free poetry and creative writing workshops in   the Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection and presented a paper at the  ACLA Annual Meeting, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands in July 2017.


I’m working on a hybrid book of essays and poems on the theme of place and sound …

.. and I’m doing the rounds of the slushpiles with Hark, a YA Fantasy novel set on an alt-Earth, about a girl with super-hearing who has to save her engineering community from occupation by the City.


My first, full collection of poetry, Natural Phenomena, will be out with Penned in the Margins in early 2018.


4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Andrew, thank you! Enjoyed yours too, I think your work so interesting (and the poems you shared, would love to encounter them again at close quarters – publications?). I think our interests are well aligned, shall be following your work closely! All best, Meryl

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