About Me

I write mostly poems, but also fiction – and have a burgeoning interest in sound pieces.  I love the poetry pamphlet form and have published two.  Picture0120My first, full collection (working title: Natural Phenomena) is forthcoming from Penned in the Margins Press (early 2018).  I’m also working with Cornerstones on a YA novel (working title: Hark).

The other thing I do with my life is teach!  I love it.  I taught secondary school English and Drama in my twenties and thirties, and then spent some time as a freelance educator in museums.  Now I teach creative writing and poetry at Morley College, but I’ve also taught creative writing (fiction and poetry) on the B.A. modules for the University of East Anglia – and given creative writing workshops in schools, prisons and museums, as well as for the Arvon Foundation’s Under 18s Week at the Ted Hughes Arvon Centre, Lumb Bank.

I have a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from UEA.  My thesis considered the relationship between environment, interiority and contemporary poetics; I’m particularly interested in modulations of the pastoral and the sub/urban experience – and one of the concepts I’m developing at the moment is that of the ‘feral’ as a figure for the process of poetic thinking-while-writing.



Throughout March 2017, I’ll be giving a series of free poetry and creative writing workshops in the Reading Room at the Wellcome Collection

I’m presenting a paper at the  ACLA Annual Meeting, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands in July 2017.


January 2017

4 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Andrew, thank you! Enjoyed yours too, I think your work so interesting (and the poems you shared, would love to encounter them again at close quarters – publications?). I think our interests are well aligned, shall be following your work closely! All best, Meryl

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