‘Nothing stands out so conspicuously, or remains so firmly fixed in the memory, as something which you have blundered.’
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Indeed.  The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed my blunders in my earlier posts about Tara as I crashed my way through various song lyrics.  Perhaps not surprising from the woman who spent a large part of her youth thinking that Kate Bush was singing about ‘Woppadoo aiyee’ rather than ‘Wuthering Heights’.

But in trying to remember my dear friend and her life, and those songs which were so important, I made a really fundamental error – and oh, Memory, what a story-teller you are.  Anything to create something circular, or patterned or neat.

When I wrote about Tara meeting her partner, Simon, it seemed so fitting that they’d acted together in a two-hander.  But it wasn’t the truth!  Simon reminded me that it was actually this play; an energetic parody of a certain iconic musical by a certain iconic British composer.  But that, too, is fitting.  One of the things Tara and Simon shared is an off-beat sense of humour, and a strong appreciation of the absurd.

I think their daughter has inherited it.   Recently, I was at the supermarket with Simon and Eden.  Just by the door was a life-size mannequin of a girl in full school uniform.  Simon and I were standing at the self-checkout, stabbing at the display, while Eden hopped and jumped around us.  We loaded the groceries, paid up and turned round, to be greeted by the sight of two small girls by the door.

Eden had positioned herself next to the mannequin and taken up the exact pose, right down to the smile on her face.  I like to think Tara would have cackled as loudly as I did.



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