for Louise, who is leaving

creviced in the pavement:

a pale flower       wild

carried here            over sea         stone

o here              sea-carried

wild flower:

pale stone              a pavement crevice

Of course, WordPress will mash the stanza and line breaks, but you get the gist.  It’s for my friend the novelist, translator and medieval scholar: more about her work here.

I’ve recently become interested in those extremely patterned and repetitive forms like the sestina and the villanelle (how my earlier poet-self would goggle at that statement), and pretty obsessed with that nearly-palindromic form that Julia Copus uses (invented?) to such devastating effect in her poem, ‘The Back Seat of My Mother’s Car’.  You can find it here.

It’s an awesome achievement and I’m still puzzling through how she managed to write her specular poem so successfully.  She’s given herself a little leeway with the variable line lengths, but when I had a go with a draft of mine, that strategy didn’t get me very much further.

Anyway, you’ve probably sussed me out.  This brief discussion of poetry is just to distract me.  Yes, with Facebook and all that, it isn’t really goodbye.  Yes, she will visit.  And yes, it is a good thing, she’s going to where she will be happier.  But I will miss Louise.


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