Noise, Sound, Silence

…being the title of the workshop I’ll be teaching on Saturday 23rd March for The Poetry School.  It feels like I wrote the course description a long time ago, but here’s what I said:

When does sound become noise? And what is silence? How can we write about aural phenomena and how do we write them into our poems? We’ll be exploring these questions through a mixture of listening and writing exercises, reading and discussion.

Expect to hear some silence, music and whatever’s in-between and to read poems that respond to sounds both beautiful and ugly. There’ll be a chance to think about the silences inside your own poems and how they relate to stanza and line break.

You should come away with several poems-in-the-making and a plethora of ideas for approaching the subject. Please bring a copy of one of your own poems.

I’m really looking forward to it, as this subject is very very close to my heart (not to mention my research interests).  Maybe you’ll join me?  You can book here.

And here endeth the cheeky plug.


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