Happy New Year


Christmas 2012

Have you had a good festive period?  As you can see, I did.  (Actually, this was Christmas Day, but you get the idea…..)

To tell the truth, I always find this time of year a bit uncomfortable.  Everything’s so ‘between’.  The teaching term hasn’t quite got underway properly, the leftover food and booze from the celebrations hasn’t quite run out, I can’t quite be arsed to stop watching bad telly… 

I suppose a more positive approach would be to sit back and enjoy all the slothfulness and the feeling that everyone’s still on pause and just let everything unfold.  Reminds me a bit of trying to force a poem draft towards completion, when what it really needs is a bit of percolating time.

So, Happy Percolating Time to you – and here’s to 2013. 

(By the way, if you know anyone who made a resolution to write more poetry, there are still places available on the course I teach at Morley College in London.) SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT


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