Welcome to Leytonstone


Imagine something a bit like this on your roof.  Imagine the Ministry of Defence being around.  Soldiers.  Weapons.  Imagine that the police helicopters are more frequent, fly lower.  You’d be scared, right?


But according to a Judge today, the residents of Fred Wigg Tower, down the road from us, are under a ‘misapprehension’.  Because they misunderstand the nature of the MoD presence that will, now, be stationed on their roof for the duration of the Olympic Games, their objections can be over-ruled.  Because they do not have a full or accurate enough grasp of the facts, because the MoD’s consultation was as it should be, their objections – while no doubt noted – can be over-ruled.

There will be a military presence in Leytonstone.  The residents’ objections are valid.  There will be a military presence in Leytonstone.  I never thought I would be writing these words.

The Olympic games have already disappointed.  The Olympic Village has been sold to the Qataris.  What of the affordable housing in the original plans?  What will happen to Leyton Orient’s financial fortunes when a bigger richer football club sets up shop in the Olympic Stadium?  When will it be ok for me to use public transport and not interfere with the legitimate (Olympic) users?  Sorry, my family didn’t manage even to get Olympic tickets in the lottery, my husband just wanted to get to work, sorry to clog up your station further…..

I’m lucky.  I can leave and go back to my other city.  How many of my fellow residents of E11 can?


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