I predict a riot?

“‘When you cut facilities, slash jobs, abuse power, discriminate, drive people into deeper poverty and shoot people dead whilst refusing to provide answers or justice, the people will rise up and express their anger and frustration if you refuse to hear their cries. A riot is the language of the unheard.” Martin Luther King.

Society’s happy enough for the young to covet fancy trainers when it profits, and for the young to feel ‘entitled’ as consumers. When the jobs, education, opportunities that might provide those fancy trainers disappear, society just says “tough shit”. What did we think would happen?

Much as I condemn the looters, I can’t help thinking this.

And another thing, I’m angry angry angry that all this trouble is a MASSIVE distraction from the issue we should be focussing on. What happened to Mark Duggan? His poor family and loved ones…so many of their questions still not answered, and after being treated with such disrespect by the police. HOW long were they kept waiting to meet a senior officer?

Still, at least it has persuaded mayor Johnson to return to London. Boris dear, it was never about whether or not the cops could cope without you (what did he think he was going to do? Join the ranks in full riot gear? Yeah, right.). It was about showing appropriate concern and support for your fellow citizens. And the fact that these pesky riots won’t go away as you’d hoped has finally brought you home…how tiresome for you, to have to stop pretending that everything will be fine.

*Edited in:  I should have added that Sophie Robinson (poet) first alerted me to the Martin Luther King statement.  And that she’s also found a Youtube video featuring  Nick Clegg last year,  “predicting” riots if the Tories are elected.  I’d laugh if I weren’t so RAAAARRRRRRRRRR!


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