A Busy Week

I’m trying to remember my yoga teacher’s stuff about remembering to breathe.  The usual pace of my week is glacial, but these last weeks have been a bit too close to the pace I “enjoyed” as a secondary school teacher.  So much going on!

I am trying to secure somewhere to live; that in itself is making my hair fall out.  At least it’s in the lovely town – sorry, city – of Norwich, which is a pleasure to walk around.

And I’m trying to do all the stuff my fantastic publisher needs me to do, in preparation for the pamphlet (if confused, refer to last post!).

And on top of that, I have my first Morley class.  Yes, the wonderful Morley College have employed me.  I’m teaching a Poetry Summer School Course (places still available!) for 3 weeks, starting this Thursday (21st).  And then I’ll be teaching the Beginner Poetry Class from September, while their regular teacher goes on sabbatical.  I’ve covered for her once or twice already, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The atmosphere is very supportive, the students I met were very talented and lovely people.  If you fancy giving it a shot, do!  Or any of the other courses….I’m quite tempted by the London History ones, myself.

Anyway.  Another lovely thing, another busy thing.  I’m reading at the launch of Issue 6 of The Long Poem Magazine.  Here are the details:

Long Poem Magazine Launches Issue 6

Wednesday July 20th – 6.30 p.m.

Barbican Library

Barbican Centre, Silk Street,

for directions – follow the link below


Readings from Mimi Khalvati, Mike Bannister, Chris McCabe, Graham Mort, Derrick Porter, Meryl Pugh, Steve Sawyer

Maybe I’ll see you there? 

And I haven’t even mentioned the Poetry Society’s EGM on Friday.  Partly because I can’t attend – juggling this little lot means I have to be at my day job on Friday.  But never fear, I have appointed my proxy etc. etc.  I haven’t really discussed the goings-on before.  I’m not sure I have an opinion, to be honest.  I was concerned to read of so many resignations.  I wanted to know about the circumstances surrounding those resignations.  And I want to be informed about (and hope to be reassured and excited by) plans for the Poetry Society’s future direction – and, as a member, to be consulted about that direction if the plans involve significant change.  That’s all.   Here’s wishing all involved a productive meeting.


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