3-2-1 and you’re back in the room…

… and lo, here is your job with  its soporific corridors and dim stacks.  And here is your house, with the chores still not done.  And here are all the thousand tasks, waiting for you, and it’s as if your holiday never happened, as if you never sat in a tiny plane and watched the sea ruffle and glint under cloud, never gripped your lovely’s hand as the engines strained to lift you all, never walked around the island – sleep-walked around the island – with its bewildering weather, the seals that kept surveillance on you from the harbour, the fulmars and skuas patrolling the cliffs, the enormous liners and freighters in the Sound.

But it happened.  I have the photos to prove it: our lovely Shetland holiday.  The Hairy Muse even managed to visit a Museum store and get his hands on the shipwrecked remains of some instruments.*  I’ll post some photos up at some point.

I came back to some very exciting news.  My second pamphlet is going to be published!  This year!  Salt have taken it on, and it’s scheduled for publication towards the end of this year.  They’ve done a wonderful job of it; look at that cover!  It’s part of the Salt Modern Voices series.  Another lovely thing; my friend Sophie Nicholls, who I first met on the Jerwood/Arvon Young Poet Apprenticeship back in the early 2000’s, is also having a pamphlet published as part of the series.  Scroll down the Modern Voices link above to see details.


*  The staff were wonderful, apparently.  Gave him scones and rhubarb jam, got things out of display cases for him and let him get his hands on one of the most rare bits of wood ever (something to do with it possibly being from an unusual navigational instrument).


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