I’m at my desk at home, at the end of a good day, full of writing poetry and reading poetry and thinking about it.  The window is attired in  raindrops, and through them, I’m watching a plane cross the clouds.  There are some lavender ones advancing from the South-West, bringing more rain and (hopefully) thunder.  It’s been a whole cloud cavalcade today, with a dramatic sky.  So different from the clear, parched Spring skies a few weeks ago.  I think how it’s quite fitting, really, to have skies so dramatically changing, at the same time as the changes going on in my life.

Ok, maybe that was a bit of a weak and clunking link.  But still…. things are changing, something is shifting and the weather says back to me ‘Yes! Move! Go! Act!’

So I am, I will, I do.  I’ve accepted a studentship – 3 years’ funding for the PhD.  I’ve chucked in the day job.  I’m moving to a new city. 

The thunder rolls out above me, over the streets and the rec, the park and the pubs, the forest, the ponds, the motorway, out to the edges of the suburbs, and past them, to the fields, to the towns, the other cities….


3 thoughts on “Thunder

  1. Wow, exciting stuff! Good luck with such a momentous move Meryl. May you enjoy the subsequent lightning/lightening.

  2. Greetings Meryl.

    Are you in fact moving to the not too remote Norwich in the beautiful and often underrated East Anglia?

    If you are up for a creative meet up – i’m thinking coffee, cake, intellectual contemporary book art and literature discussion and a gallery visit (or at least the first two :-D) get in touch – I’m in Camulodunum 🙂

    Mary 🙂

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