Last Post?

For a while, anyway.  I’m just not posting frequently enough and lately, I haven’t been able to think of anything to say.

Or rather, I have had plenty to say, but it’s all been about the actions and plans of the Coalition Government and peppered with swear words.  And I’d rather try to do something more than just sound off about how much I hate what the ConDems are trying to do to this country, especially on a blog which has a few, faithful followers and which started as a bit of an experiment.

I’m very worried.  No, actually, I’m frightened – and very angry at the projected dismantling of the Welfare State and the asset-stripping of our publicly owned…er, assets (political rhetoric failing me there – another reason not to sound off any more!) which will, if it goes ahead, be  far more extensive than anything ‘achieved’ in the Thatcher days.

And that’s about as far as I can go without getting incoherent with rage.  The alternative, for me, would be to try to omit politics from the blog and write about the rest of life, writing and so on – but in the face of my rage, it seems a bit self-indulgent to do that.

And so I convince myself to stop.  For the moment at least, although I’ll still be updating the biog page of the blog – and still Tweeting, on and off. 

Thanks so much for keeping me company.


2 thoughts on “Last Post?

  1. Meryl, i’ve just come across your blog and I love it! so sad that you won’t be posting for a bit, though i completely understand. Wanted to say, I’m not a very regular reader of blogs (time constraints) but i think yours is wonderful. Perfect even. I like the tone and the honesty and unpretentiousness of it and also how ‘you’ it is. I liked it so much, it inspired me to post on my own, neglected website. your blog is a model for me, for how it’s done. will be following. though i don’t know how to do that in a tech-y way – will just keep logging on to say if you’ve posted anything.

    1. Thank you Shazea, that means a lot, coming from a fellow-poet! Give me the address of your website and I’ll add a link to it. Think I probably will post again in the future, but am having a bit of a think about what form that might take, frequency, etc….

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