Just like that…

…summer went.  Brief summary of the last two months:

Had surgery on my lump.  Am lump free!  If you look at my new About Me picture, you can just make out the dressing on my neck.  Saw the consultant a couple of days ago and he’s confident it wasn’t malignant and that they managed to cut out all of it.  Yay!  No more hiding my neck with my hair!  No more enduring hot hair in the summer because I’m too shy to tie it up!   Hooray for Whipps Cross!  Hooray for skilful surgeons!  Hooray for the NHS and State-funded education and Nye Bevan and socialism!  Etc etc.



Gave a reading in Walthamstow:

Photo by Ruth Wiggins
Supporting Pascale Petit and Jacqueline Gabbitas – and reading alongside some talented members of “Forest Poets”, the Waltham Forest Poetry Society Stanza.
Photo by Ruth Wiggins

Great fun, great audience, great venue.

Went to Florence!  A whole week!  Was there on my birthday!  With my beloved!  I didn’t want to come home – especially as the Hairy Muse is still there, strolling around the Oltrarno, eating gelati and ostensibly attending a scientific instruments conference.

Was a Poetry Doctor in Clapton library yesterday, for National Poetry Day.  It was organised by the lovely Anna Robinson.  My fellow Doctor was the equally lovely Alice Northgreaves.  It was great, we had a wonderful time.

Photo by Alice Northgreaves


Am now watching “Song of Lunch”, Beeb 2; the marvellous Christopher Reid’s poem made filmic.

That’s me.  Promise to be more updatey in future.  Ciao.


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