Hooray for…The Olive!

The Hairy Muse and I went out a couple of nights ago and had a stonkingly good mediterranean meal.  It was at the restaurant that’s opened up where Kirkdales used to be, opposite the bus stop. 

(Doesn’t sound promising, does it, as a site?  But actually it was very pleasant – the french doors were open, there were tables on the pavement with an awning over them, trees provided some shade…)

Did I say the food was excellent?  The food was excellent.  The time before we’d each had a meat meze, which was huge and delicious and left no room for puddings or anything. This time, we shared the set vegetarian meze; piping hot, varied, accompanied by fresh bread and attractively presented.  I had a very drinkable glass of  house white – and we pigged out on puddings and coffee, which came with dainty little bits of Turkish Delight.  The proper stuff, though, not the stuff that comes in a lurid pink packet.

The Muse doesn’t say much when he’s eating, but I’m assuming the speed with which he polished off his baklava is comment enough on its fineness.  I had the sutlac – traditional Turkish rice puddingy thing, served cold – which was very refreshing.

 The staff are lovely; efficient, polite and friendly!  I kept saying “My Mum and Dad would love it here!” and “my sister would love it here” and “We have to take Dr Crystal Tips here” and so on.  You get the gist.

If you’re in Leytonstone and looking for somewhere to eat that’s attractive, relaxed, friendly and with top notch food, go there!  Hooray for The Olive!


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