It’s so boiling hot!

Maybe you like it, but I can’t stand it.  I am dealing with the hot summer day by staying indoors, keeping the curtains drawn, only opening windows on the shady side of the house etc etc etc.  I ran out earlier this afternoon to bring in the towels from the washing line; the sun had baked them to the texture of cardboard.  Mm, how exfoliating they will be…

Anyway, if, like me, you wilt in the heat, here’s a picture that might help cool you down.

Flood levels at Warkworth Hermitage

It’s from our holiday in Northumberland.  To get to the Hermitage, you have to be rowed over the river by an English Heritage employee. There’s a chapel carved out of the rock, and living quarters built beside it, and overgrown yews obscuring the view from the river of the structure.  Very atmospheric, shady and cool.

Have a great weekend.


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