River in my head

Further to my post yesterday, I thought I’d include a couple of links to the ambient sound / white and pink noise sites I have been trawling.

This one (tagline: Because Tinnitus Sucks) is possibly my favourite.  The woman seems really into what she does, is knowledgeable and professional, the site is interesting – and I loved the cat and mouse pictures and the cartoony graphics.  Not only that, the soundtracks are excellent and the download-and-payment process really quick and easy.

I picked up the ocean and the forest from this site.  Again, very knowledgeable and professional, quick download-and-payment.

Right, back to nursing my bad stomach, trawling my notebooks (about 8 of them, which I filled and then forgot to check for the poems I began in them) and filling my head with a river.

(It’s raining.  The thunder has started, but it’s quite a way off yet.  This much rain, and your waterproof is going to be soaking within the half-hour, but you don’t care.  You are balancing on a flat stone, admiring your feet in their boots, how they flex and point to keep you balanced. The stone is darkening with the water, and drops spike and peak the river surface. It’s shallow here; you can see the weed stretch out and flick in the current.  Another minute, and you’ll pick your way back to the grass, the path, the tent showing improbably yellow through the branches…)


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