Exciting Summer Events

Over the weekend, the Hairy Muse and I were in Cambridge for the dinner party of the century.  Our host, the learned Dr Crystal Tips, threw it all on her own – for 13 or so guests!  In the event, a few couldn’t make it, but we were still so many we had to sit around 2 tables. 

I normally find large gatherings a bit intimidating (my inner shy kid usually makes herself known), but it was very easy to relax in the company of such friendly, interesting, good conversationalists.  Bravo the good Doctor!

Anyway, other exciting events this summer:

I’m reading tomorrow at Declan Ryan’s Days of Roses.  The other readers are; Emma Jones (debut collection with Faber), Helen Mort (see links to the right of this page), Jocelyn Page (new pamphlet from tall lighthouse), Abigail Tarttellin, Sarah Howe, Sophie Reynolds, Luke Heeley, Kayo Chingonyi, Oli Hazzard, Timothy Allsop, Mak Rahmdel.  All this, and music too!  FromGuy Mankowski and Hollie Martorella, formerly of Alba Nova.

It’s free, starts at 7 for 7.30, and is at the 3 Blind Mice, Ravey St, nr. Old St. tube.

And…there are still places available on my courses at Circle of Misse 

Creativity Jumpstart: Seeing with a Poet’s Eye  July 7-11, 2010 (Wed-Sun)

Poetry Boot Camp: Discovering New Territory  July 12-18, 2010 (Mon-Sun)

Do take a look – it’s a beautiful place!


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