…with occasional bursts of sun today.  I heard the vixen and her cubs last night;  threefold, sharp bark and some  high-pitched wittering.  Phew.  I hadn’t seen them all week, although I knew that noise from the people re-roofing the house across the gardens had probably kept the cubs in hiding.  Well.  I have problems with anxiety (these days, who doesn’t?).

C**tservatives.  Selfservatives.  Undeservatives.  Big (Lib) Con.  Just some of the new names for our government I have seen bandied around, the last few days.  Great sign at Tottenham Court Rd tube station, as one of my favourite blogs noted. (Look under Wednesday May 12th)   So OTT!  But maybe we are.  Doomed, that is.

Oh shut up.  Being too gloomy.  To cheer me up, I shall be going to a great poetry reading this evening:

Location: Vestry House, Vestry Road E17 – Vestry House Museum in the meeting/conference room beside the garden (an excellent setting)Walthamstow, E17, London, UK.
Time:  7pm – 9:30pm

 Poets reading: Katherine Gallagher,Mimi Khalvati, Wayne Burrows, Mario Petrucci, Charles Bennett, Anna Robinson.

What a great line-up!


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