I got drunk last night

My first glass of wine coincided with Gordon Brown’s resignation speech.  My last coincided with newly-appointed Deputy Prime Minister Clegg’s speech (I think it was about 2 in the morning).

Then I joined a political party and thought hard about joining a political movement.  What did you do?

BTW, Here’s what I think:

At least we know the answer to the question the Liberals have been ducking for 30 years: Do they swing more  to the Left or Right?

“Sam” and “Dave” seem very nice, but they are still figureheads of a political party that is traditionally Right Wing (which I equate with hostility to equality for the poor, women and people of ethnic minority background).

PM “Dave” ‘s speech was all very measured and reasonable-sounding.  Yes, I agree that citizens of the UK have responsibilities as well as rights. I too want a fairer Britain.   BUT I can’t help feeling that these principles, which could so easily have been espoused by the other two major political parties, will be harnessed in a particularly frightening way.

A fairer Britain – Fairer to the rich, maybe?  How awful that the poor dears have to pay tax.

Responsibilities – to get on our bikes and look for work, perchance?  To learn how to perform surgery on ourselves, maybe?  Get our own education and stop asking the State to provide it?  What do we want all this pesky public spending for, anyway?

But I diatribe.  No prizes for guessing which way I lean politically.

Oh – and one last thing.  How come  the party with the least votes out of the Big 3 has ended up  (at least partially) in Cabinet? UK, WTF?


One thought on “I got drunk last night

  1. You can’t help feeling that these principles, which could so easily have been espoused by the other two major political parties, will be harnessed in a particularly frightening way.

    I was like you, wanted Labour to stay in, but woke up on the first morning of the new coalition with a feeling of optimism and relief (which time could prove ill-founded of course); but the reason was bcuz finally the government which bankrupted the country, took it into an illegal war, told non-stop lies and fostered an ethos of fear by creating a tier of people to scare you all – has gone.

    NuLab were only Conservatives under a different name anyway; all getting themselves Lordships and Knighthoods, and the traditional Socialist values they did not represent. The party of the multimillionaire ex-leader whose hubris caused him to lie about WMD’s and, most galling of all; never apologised for getting it wrong.

    The tories haven’t been in power for 13 years and have a new team at the top. Cameron appears to be an elightened leader, going on what he did to form the coalition, and I think that all this anger and doom-mongering, is misplaced anger at NuLab being transferred onto Cameron and Clegg.

    Like being in a pub with a frightful bore you are sick of but think you can’t get rid of, and then all of a sudden they are gone.

    At least you can give them a chance. The best thing is all this big government that turned the ppl into robots, silly laws that were PC gone mad; hopefully some common-sense will now come back.

    The only reason there was all this nonsense in the first place was because you had a society being run on the basis of a lie. WMD, which was never sorted out, and I for one am glad the gits are out.

    Desmond Swords

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