Wild Boar! Wild Boar!

(to be shouted in the manner of Duran Duran)

Well, as if my family hasn’t enough to worry about, what with the slidey, snow-covered hill down to the A48 when they’re trying to drive to work, the A48 itself (an apocalypse of a road, with floods, roadworks, tractors, dodgy bends, concealed turnings AND snow) and the impairment of my nephews’ educational chances (due to closures, due to snow – not that the boys mind, of course)…there’s THIS.  Your lovely online Guardian informs us today that:

Residents in the Forest of Dean have had close encounters with hungry wild boars that have sneaked out of the woods to forage in bins.

Apparently, the snow has forced them out.

Great. Let’s hope my sister’s dog Andy (yes, that’s right, Andy.  He’s a lurcher.) doesn’t pick up the scent and decide to have a go.


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