A Belated Happy New Year

And how does 2010 find you?  Speaking for myself, the word I would use is distracted.  Too many possibilities, too many  plans and hopes* and ideas for the fresh new year…

I spent much of the holiday season quietly at home with the Hairy Muse, so maybe that explains my current mad-dog-straining-at-the-leash state, now that I’m out in the world again.  Anything an everything catches my eye.  Just this morning, on the tube, reading everyone else’s newspapers over their shoulders (too distracted to concentrate on my own book), I discovered that

1)  December 2009 was the coldest December for 25 years

2)  There is a Russian variety of dandelion that contains rubber molecules in its sap.

We left Leytonstone for a few days in between Christmas and New Year, to visit my family in the Forest of Dean.  Our end-of-year visits always coincide with those of The Mayor and Mayoress – dear, long-standing family friends, more like an Uncle and Aunt, really – who always make up a Christmas quiz.  This year, the Hairy Muse and I made one too – and so did the nephews.  We all went a bit quiz-mad.   So maybe that’s another reason for being distracted – the glitter of all that trivia!

Back home in London, I am astounded at renewed tightness of my jeans.  Eating your own bodyweight in confectionary and lying around watching telly makes you fatter – who knew?!  But I won’t be making any resolutions just yet – see the Word Sauceress for why.

Here’s wishing you a very happy (not to mention warm) 2010!

*  No. 1 hope today is that Thames Water sort out the 2+ burst pipes in our road so that there’s enough water for me to have a cup of tea when I get home tonight.  No. 2 hope is that the forecast snow holds off  enough – or at least doesn’t screw up transport too much – for me to get home in good time.  It’s all me me me…


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