Hooray for…local artists and craftspersons

I went to the Christmas Market at my local church hall today.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much; a few cards, some bad art, maybe.  Was that assumption ever trashed!  I’ve picked out just three of the local “makers” to illustrate just how good the standard was.  Take a look:

Old Bean Design (Clare Nichols) makes beautiful wood engravings.  I bought two sets of cards but really could have snapped up her entire stock.

Katie Birdie makes really cute accessories and things.  I was much taken by some colourful bags and zip-up purses.

Jane Kendrick is a photographer with a really interesting eye, particularly for colour.  Her business card features a detail from a building I used to go past on the bus in to Walthamstow, but it took me ages to realise where I had seen those colours!

Lastly, though not local to E11, she’s not far away; the fabulous, Epping-based Ladybird Beads is worth a look.  Lots of exquisite jewellery stuff.

Happy shopping!  (I haven’t done ANY of mine yet, but since my family are all giving and receiving soap this year – I kid you not – it shouldn’t be too arduous…)


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