Absurd in Bloomsbury

Ok, here are two strange things:

1.  I saw a whole flock of long-tailed tits in Gordon Square Gardens.  These little birds are supposed to reside mostly in forests, and conifer forests at that, though – my bird guide says – they will venture into suburban gardens at times.  Excuse me?  Since when is Bloomsbury a suburban garden or a conifer forest?

I then heard what sounded like a parakeet – not the full-on squawk they do, but something more like that wittering you might hear from them if they’re a bit bothered.  I looked up to see a crow attacking a bird with a long, sharply squared-off tail.  Only saw the underside, which was pale.  Could’ve been a kestrel, maybe, or some other raptor – there have been sightings around Senate House, I think – so, was hard to be sure. 

Anyway, how delightfully ridiculous.  The Wild invading the City.

2.  Not so delightful.  A young woman handing out leaflets, the gusset of her shiny tights halfway down her thighs, which wouldn’t matter, except that she was wearing a t-shirt that ended mid-hip length a la Lady Ga Ga.  Oh dear.  Ga ga indeed.


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