The tree outside our window

Autumn window

It’s a lime tree (linden) that has been shedding its leaves like crazy.  When the days are grey (as they usually are, this month) and the room is dark, that tree’s like a torch.   Think brighter and darker than my crappy photo and you’ll get the idea.

The tree surgeons were out in force earlier this week.  They’ve marked some of the trees on our street for removal, because – according to Waltham Forest Council’s oh-so-informative letter – “they are diseased, dead or dying”.  But no-one knows which trees are going, just that “some” will be “removed”.

In the event, it looks like ours is staying.  It’s just received a very severe pollarding, its first for a couple of years, and now has the air of an embarrassed sheep let out of the pen by the shearer.


One thought on “The tree outside our window

  1. I love the golden trees. We had many this year. Alas, wind and rain have washed the color away. Now I’m waiting for the snow. I’m probably the only one. Enjoy the torch while it shines.

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