By Jupiter!

Forget the Ashes, forget the Tour de France.  Forget swine flu and whatever’s currently being revealed about Silvio Berlusconi.  It’s been a week dominated by telescopes and astronomy, really. I mean, not only is it the Apollo anniversary and the Shoemaker-Levy 9 anniversary, but now there’s a a hole in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

The Hairy Muse will, I know, be very excited by this news.  His telescopes conference is over and done with (I believe it went well, but I wouldn’t know, he doesn’t say), but now he’s hard at work writing a paper for another conference – this time in Budapest.

O the life of the museum professional.  I will be staying at home with our 19 year old moggy, ensuring she gets her 4 doses of medicine a day and doesn’t pooh on the carpet or fall off the table.  Believe me, if she were suffering, I’d have her straight down the vets, but throughout all the indignities she maintains a cheerful demeanour.  Except for when her epilepsy briefly returned.  She didn’t like that much.

Anyway, that’s beside the point.  The Hairy Muse managed to get his scopes out at this conference; the Gallilean one and the Keplerian one that he made from a couple of poster tubes and bits of plastic.  I think his workshop attendees  had fun.  I’m wondering how long it’ll be till the Muse is out the back most nights, with a proper metal scope, like the Australian who found Jupiter’s hole, in his break from watching the Ashes.


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